I wish you were the best


I wish that you were the best

Some days we may feel as if we are at more of a struggle then the previous day. Time heals all so they say.. though battle scars are always left behind.

So these boots I have had for a few years! They are still just simply amazing and I have failed to do outfits with them often enough. So today I sought out to find an outfit simply to get myself in a picture with these boots.  Oh and if you are going to wear this outfit do not forget to wear your ‘modesty’ coverings, like I mistakenly forgot to check for before going out to hang with friends tonight. Quite embarassing. 😀

What I am wearing:

Wounded Knees:  -SU!- Wounded Knees 01 (Mirrored) 2
Boots:  .:MANNA:. Mayween L’Aventuriere
FingerTape:  SiniStyle Taped Fingers & Black Nails (Index, Middle, Pinky)
Eye Makeup:  Kyoot Makeup – Cateye (Catty)
Tats:  ::Para Designs:: Butterfly Medley Color Medium (v2 Layer)
Face Tats:  :Little Pricks: Tell Me a Story(v2-Face Tattoo)
Outfit:  .:.*{ S.G }*.:. Fiona Green
Bracelet:  .:MANNA:. Black Pearl (Bracelet) (R) (Resizer)
Piercings:  :Hebenon Vial: Against the Stream [Ink] *Mesh*
Hair:  >TRUTH< Kenzie w/Roots – raven
Lashes:  Eyelashes -39- Luscious *REDGRAVE*
Bracelet:   miel – CHUM bracelet
Necklace:  [MANDALA] LUCK Necklace/Black/Female(resize)
Skin: -Belleza- Kate Med Frost
Eyes:  .:Hermony:. – MP Eyes – Olive
Not Shown* But it covers your private bits:  Modesty Strip Underpants: Lower


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