I Hear No Screaming


I Hear No ScreamingSo the other night I hung out with my friend Mangled. He has a really amazing style. I love all his different little looks! His wasteland ones are pretty great and so well put together.  He took me and my sissy Desi to check out his land. It is just awesome and fit perfectly with his avvie look. So after he linked me this backpack I was so inspired to throw together a wastelands look.  Thank you for the inspiration and the place to take the picture Mangled 🙂

What I am wearing: 

Fingertape:  SiniStyle Taped Fingers & Black Nails (Index, Middle, Pinky)
Tattoo:   Tranquility *Light* by iNFLiCT – No longer available
Face Tat: :LP: Road Rash
Boots:  *DL* Baggers Ladies Mesh Boots – Camo
Bracelet:  [MANDALA]  OKAKI Bracelet/Black
Pants:  Riot Gear – Patriot pants (normal size)
Backpack:  Riot Gear – Survival Sack
Hair:  TRUTH HAIR Selma – Black&Whites06
Mask:  [R3] – Rabid Mask [UNISEX] – V1
Top:  {N} – Ripped Tee (S) – Dirty White


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