Psycho Elephant

LISTEN – now only if it was Elephant not Teddy!

Psycho ElephantYay the Arcade has started as I’m sure many of you already know! Some really cute items this round. I knew right away I wanted to do something with this setup and so I destroyed my land to decorate it for this cute little setup! My friend Nia was kind enough to wear the Elephant avatar and also to make the pose for me to be running away from her and the cart haha! Thank you Nia.

What I am wearing and the Arcade items:

CHIPMUNK SET:  *MishMish* @ The Arcade
GOLF CART:  What Next – Golf Cart – Pebble Beach  @ The Arcade
ELEPHANT:  [ WoO ] Tiny Elephant (Circus)(T) @ The Arcade
SPEECH BUBBLE: [monso] My Speech Bubble – What the Hell @ The Arcade
BOOTS:  Color.Me.H.O.F. Mesh Rider Boots Oxblood @ The Arcade
HAIR:  >TRUTH< Adeline – raven
JEANS: *BLITZED* Holiday jeans  *Group gift 2011*
JACKET: coldLogic coat – shreve.onyx (S)

POSE: Coming Soon from Niacessity


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