Learn How To Erase You

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Learn How To Erase You

It is ironic how sometimes something unexpected can happen and it changes everything of how you first viewed something or thought it was going to be. This can happen with relationships you have with someone as well as with pretty much anything else when you think about it. For this case it happened to me when I was making this picture, I had the lighting and everything how I wanted but it was in a lot more color, so I was thinking with my new graphics I would try to take an even larger picture!  Yea that did not work out so hot because the screen went to not responding for about five minutes before logging me out of Second Life. Luckily I did not crash and with how Second Life does the faded out screen when it logs you out I did a screen capture with gyazo and then saved that picture.  This is almost as I saw it when being logged out of SL except a few moderate adjustments in Photoshop.  This sim is one of my favorites for years now so make sure you check it out for any of your picture or exploring needs.

What I am wearing:

HAIR: Truth Hair Anita
SKIN: Glam Affair – Mokatana skin – America 03
EYES: Ikon – Vanity – Moor
NECKLACE: LouLou&Co – Hyperion v.2
TOP: R3volt – LeBlanc Top v2
PANTS: Ducknipple Mesh Skinny Jeans – Black
SHOES: 2Real – Stackz
HANDS: Slink – Female mesh hands Relaxed & Elegant

POSE: Imeka – Bonnie Pose 8
LOCATION: Missing Mile Dark Rural Community – SOAP


Breaking Free


Breaking FreePrim breasts! Oh my…oh my! I have been against them for the most part ever since I first saw the appliers on them as women strolled around on their merry way. However, I always told myself if I ever got around to doing a naked or semi naked picture I would totally think about getting them to try out for this reason. So as I was looking at the pose that came with these chains I thought what better of a time to get them and test them out then now on my return finally to blogging after finally getting my pc fixed!   Now I am not in love with these but I think they turned out pretty nicely for the picture especially considering the appliers for my skin worked with this brand of mesh tatas.  So I’ll leave it to you for deciding if you would want to venture on this avenue with the mesh boobs for picture taking or solely while naked but I think they are nice for these situations.  The blending is actually pretty nice I only blurred around them a tiny bit! Otherwise it is all as I saw it with my lighting in world.

SKIN: -Glam Affair – Mokatana skin – America 03 H
HAIR: >TRUTH< Kenzie w/Roots – pearl
BOOBS: [d] Lush Breasts 1.4
EYESLIDS: Slink – Mesh Eyelids
HANDS: Slink – Enhanced Hands – Elegant & Relaxed

POSE & CHAINS PROP: [Captivity Co.] Breaking Out

LOCATION: Annwn Willows