Learn How To Erase You

.:Song that I really like right now:.

Learn How To Erase You

It is ironic how sometimes something unexpected can happen and it changes everything of how you first viewed something or thought it was going to be. This can happen with relationships you have with someone as well as with pretty much anything else when you think about it. For this case it happened to me when I was making this picture, I had the lighting and everything how I wanted but it was in a lot more color, so I was thinking with my new graphics I would try to take an even larger picture!  Yea that did not work out so hot because the screen went to not responding for about five minutes before logging me out of Second Life. Luckily I did not crash and with how Second Life does the faded out screen when it logs you out I did a screen capture with gyazo and then saved that picture.  This is almost as I saw it when being logged out of SL except a few moderate adjustments in Photoshop.  This sim is one of my favorites for years now so make sure you check it out for any of your picture or exploring needs.

What I am wearing:

HAIR: Truth Hair Anita
SKIN: Glam Affair – Mokatana skin – America 03
EYES: Ikon – Vanity – Moor
NECKLACE: LouLou&Co – Hyperion v.2
TOP: R3volt – LeBlanc Top v2
PANTS: Ducknipple Mesh Skinny Jeans – Black
SHOES: 2Real – Stackz
HANDS: Slink – Female mesh hands Relaxed & Elegant

POSE: Imeka – Bonnie Pose 8
LOCATION: Missing Mile Dark Rural Community – SOAP


All These Broken Pieces Fit Together


All These Broken Pieces Fit TogetherShockalocka asked me to join him for a picture today! For it he is showing off this really neat couch which the pose we are doing for this picture is from! For information about it and what Shockersz is wearing please visit his fantastical blog, High For This!

What I am wearing:
UNDERSHIRT:  *Linc* Tanktop Black Sheer
FINGERTAPE:  SiniStyle Taped Fingers & Black Nails (Index, Middle, Pinky)
FACE TATS:  :Little Pricks: Tell Me a Story(v2-Face Tattoo)
PANTS:  Ducknipple – Mesh: Sk.Jeans/Belt – Black
HAIR:  TRUTH HAIR Candy – Black&Whites06
TOP:  [R3volt] Zia Top [V1]
SKIN:  -Glam Affair – Neva – Jamaica – 03 F

Never See You Again

.:The End – Macklemore:.

Never See You Again

HOODIE:  *chronokit* Hoodie01 pink women
JEANS:  Ducknipple Mesh: Sk.Jeans/Belt – Warm (S)
PICTURE FRAME(held in hands): Intrigue Co. – Heirloom Frame: Square – Black
EYELIDS:  Slink Mesh eyelids (alpha) (photo prop)
HANDS:  Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual
HAIR: TRUTH HAIR Harley [less vol]
SKIN:  -Belleza- Leila Med 6
ENTERTAINMENT CENTER: Alouette – White Wood Entertainment Center
POSE: Del May – Catching teardrops

Join Me For A Drink


Join Me For A DrinkA couple of days ago when I logged in Adam asked me about doing a fun picture with a pose he had found. So after showing me the pose we proceeded to create this little setup with a mishmash of random things from our inventories.  It was really fun creating the little area for this picture. The broken sofa which Adam bought for the picture can be found here.

What I am wearing:

TATS:  ::Para Designs:: Butterfly Medley Color Medium
MASCARA:  :: YaYo :: – Cry Baby – Running Mascara Face Tattoo
EYE MAKEUP:  Kyoot Makeup – Cateye (Catty)
PANTS:  ..:Perle:.. Suspender Jeans S..:Zebra:..
HAIR:  >TRUTH< Zendaya – raven
TOP:  Ducknipple – Mesh: Mister Top
LASHES:  *REDGRAVE*  Eyelashes -39- Luscious
FEET:  Slink Mesh Feet (Av Enhance) Flat
HANDS:  Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual
SKIN:  -Glam Affair – Neva – Jamaica – 03 F            @Collabor88
EYES:  IKON Vanity Eyes – Moor (XS)

POSE:  .::Y&R::. Drunk together couple pose

What Adam is wearing:

GLOVES:  [MotivAction Store]  Mens studded gloves *Black leather*
TAGS:  [Simple Things] Dog Tags (Army)
PANTS:  putain Co.//Leopard Denis jeans
HAIR:  MONSTER – [+] Astro [+] Hide Kayote

Below is a closeup of the new Glam Affair skin at C88 this month.

Takarra Blogger Picture

Let Me Fall


Let Me FallThis picture came together nicely. I am really liking the Broken set 2 pose pack from Exposeur.  Initially I was going to look for the dock walkway that previously Shockalocka and I had taken a picture on but it either is gone or I fail at finding it.  After I couldn’t find it I settled in on this area from the same sim, Annwn Willows for this shot.  This sim has a lot of neat areas. Make sure you check it out for some of your picture taking needs or at least just to explore! Once again thank you to the lovely Nia for being my prop for this lovely picture.

What I am wearing:

SHIRT:  *chronokit* T Shirts 01 Smile Pink Girl
HAIR:  >TRUTH< Adeline – raven
PANTS:  DN Mesh: Camo Capris (S)
POSE:  Exposeur – Broken 6 M

Friday the 13th

Skurrry Musics!

Friday13thWhat better to do on a Friday the 13th then to get a little bit of scariness going on with our pictures and setup. Tonight Nia and her sister Abbz were so awesome and set up this whole skurry skybox scene. It was just so awesome.  Even the Jason mask on the owl avatar with the bloody knife that Abbz is wearing so awesome.  This whole scene sort of gives you the shivers especially when coupled with the creeeepy music!  I hope everyone had a great spoooky fantastical day today on this Friday the 13th! To find out what Niadooodle is wearing make sure to hop on over to her blog Random Tendencies!

What I am wearing:

NECKLACE:  .:* LOULOU&CO *:. – Necklace :: HYPERION :: V.2 (S)
JEANS:  DN Mesh: Sk.Jeans – with belt
HAIR:  Exile::Bad Reputation Blacks
HANDS:  Slink Mesh Hands
TOP:  [R3] – Angel Hoodie 3 [V3] S
ARM WARMERS:  [R3] Minako Arm Warmers [V2] – S

Wont Be By Yourself

\o/ Tune!

Wont Be By YourselfSo tonight Niadoodle and I started looking for poses to do a picture and while we searching my wonderful sissy, Zari pops online so I was like oooh we must all go get in a picture together.  So after taking forever to find a location I settled in on this one cause of all the wonderful colors in the boards behind us. This sim has so many different places for pictures but the little courtyard area is one of my favorites.  You can check it out here.  The top I have is a new release from Corvus! Very lovely and comes in a few different styles.

From left to right…

What I am wearing: 

FINGERTAPE:  SiniStyle Taped Fingers & Black Nails (Index, Middle, Pinky)
TATS:  ::Para Designs:: Butterfly Medley Color Light (v2 Layer)
BRACELET:  *League* Wanderer -Black- Bracelet
NECKLACE:  .:* LOULOU&CO *:. – Necklace :: HYPERION :: V.2 (C)
ARMBAND:  .:MANNA:. Black Pearl (Upper Arm)
TOP:  Corvus : Skull May Top XS
PANTS:  DN Mesh: Sk.Jeans with belt
HAIR:  Magika Hair // Porcelain

What Zari is wearing:

SKIN:  Belleza Ava Tan
EYES:  IKON Ascenion Eyes Evening
HAIR:  Exile Stay The Night Raven
NECKLACE:  Earthstones Butterfly Whisper
TOP:  Erratic Amy Silk Blouse Blue
PANTS:  EhR Jeans Lace (dark Blue)
FEET:  Gos Flat Feet
SHOES:  Gos flip flops paint

What Nia is wearing:

SHOES:  slink glitter peeptoes white
SKIRT:  Corvus: Grunge Mesh Skirt with belt
TOP:  Tee*fy Basic Knot T-Shirt White
PIERCING:  ::envi:: Oral Bliss-music notes
NECKLACE:  .:* LOULOU&CO *:. – Necklace :: LING LING :: Black
HAIR:  Magika – Mint
SKIN:  Pink Fuel – Harley
EYES:  Nerd Monkey – Light blue
EXTRAS:  SLINK – Hands & Feet