Love Is In The Air

Valentines Vane and NiaLove is in the air for many with the recent holiday. It seems like the whole month of February just has so many all twitter-bated. It brings a smile to my face and always makes me think of the Disney movie Bambi!  Nia did a collaborative post here for me so make sure to check out her blog, Random Tendencies, to find out what she is wearing. Here is to hoping those new found loves of yours are long lasted.

What Vane Is Wearing:

FINGERTAPE: SiniStyle Taped Fist (Thin Wrists – Fingers)
TATS:  ::Para Designs:: Affliction Light
HAIR: *Dura-Boys&Girls*31(Black)
SHIRT: .:villena:. – Denim shirt [M/S] wo/studs Black ombre
PANTS: RONSEM* Straight Jeans / black2
EYES: IKON Ascension Eyes – Silverleaf

POSE: [Con.] & !bang – less than three  – Past FLF @ !bang


Join Me For A Drink


Join Me For A DrinkA couple of days ago when I logged in Adam asked me about doing a fun picture with a pose he had found. So after showing me the pose we proceeded to create this little setup with a mishmash of random things from our inventories.  It was really fun creating the little area for this picture. The broken sofa which Adam bought for the picture can be found here.

What I am wearing:

TATS:  ::Para Designs:: Butterfly Medley Color Medium
MASCARA:  :: YaYo :: – Cry Baby – Running Mascara Face Tattoo
EYE MAKEUP:  Kyoot Makeup – Cateye (Catty)
PANTS:  ..:Perle:.. Suspender Jeans S..:Zebra:..
HAIR:  >TRUTH< Zendaya – raven
TOP:  Ducknipple – Mesh: Mister Top
LASHES:  *REDGRAVE*  Eyelashes -39- Luscious
FEET:  Slink Mesh Feet (Av Enhance) Flat
HANDS:  Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual
SKIN:  -Glam Affair – Neva – Jamaica – 03 F            @Collabor88
EYES:  IKON Vanity Eyes – Moor (XS)

POSE:  .::Y&R::. Drunk together couple pose

What Adam is wearing:

GLOVES:  [MotivAction Store]  Mens studded gloves *Black leather*
TAGS:  [Simple Things] Dog Tags (Army)
PANTS:  putain Co.//Leopard Denis jeans
HAIR:  MONSTER – [+] Astro [+] Hide Kayote

Below is a closeup of the new Glam Affair skin at C88 this month.

Takarra Blogger Picture

Stay In My Memory

Just listen ♥♥♥

Stay In My MemoryThis picture I have thought about doing for a few weeks but i could not find the right place that allowed for rezzing. So after much deciding I built up this set in the sky on my parcel in world. It came out nicely. I don’t mind building up sets but I do much rather prefer finding places to do the pictures and sharing those places with everyone.  I love fall and Halloween so I am exciting for October to get here!

What I am wearing:

BRACELET:  *League* Wanderer -Black- Bracelet
TOP:  Baiastice_Crop Spaghetti Top-vintage
PANTS: RONSEM* Hickory Cropped female (S) / yellow w/ boxers
HANDS:  Slink Mesh Hands

What he is wearing:

FINGER TAPE:  Sinistyle Taped Fist
STUBBLE:  Fruk face fuzz – The Chin – Light
TATTOO:  ::Para Designs:: Affliction Light
JEANS: RONSEM* Straight Jeans / Black with boxers
HAIR:  Monster – Quin Emo Vanity
SHAPE:  .Pekka. Damian Male Shape
SKIN:  Fruk – Jeremy skin shade 4 Black
EYES:  IKON Ascension Eyes Silver Leaf

POSE:  DM – Culture Shock – The Brits – I dare you!

Wont Be By Yourself

\o/ Tune!

Wont Be By YourselfSo tonight Niadoodle and I started looking for poses to do a picture and while we searching my wonderful sissy, Zari pops online so I was like oooh we must all go get in a picture together.  So after taking forever to find a location I settled in on this one cause of all the wonderful colors in the boards behind us. This sim has so many different places for pictures but the little courtyard area is one of my favorites.  You can check it out here.  The top I have is a new release from Corvus! Very lovely and comes in a few different styles.

From left to right…

What I am wearing: 

FINGERTAPE:  SiniStyle Taped Fingers & Black Nails (Index, Middle, Pinky)
TATS:  ::Para Designs:: Butterfly Medley Color Light (v2 Layer)
BRACELET:  *League* Wanderer -Black- Bracelet
NECKLACE:  .:* LOULOU&CO *:. – Necklace :: HYPERION :: V.2 (C)
ARMBAND:  .:MANNA:. Black Pearl (Upper Arm)
TOP:  Corvus : Skull May Top XS
PANTS:  DN Mesh: Sk.Jeans with belt
HAIR:  Magika Hair // Porcelain

What Zari is wearing:

SKIN:  Belleza Ava Tan
EYES:  IKON Ascenion Eyes Evening
HAIR:  Exile Stay The Night Raven
NECKLACE:  Earthstones Butterfly Whisper
TOP:  Erratic Amy Silk Blouse Blue
PANTS:  EhR Jeans Lace (dark Blue)
FEET:  Gos Flat Feet
SHOES:  Gos flip flops paint

What Nia is wearing:

SHOES:  slink glitter peeptoes white
SKIRT:  Corvus: Grunge Mesh Skirt with belt
TOP:  Tee*fy Basic Knot T-Shirt White
PIERCING:  ::envi:: Oral Bliss-music notes
NECKLACE:  .:* LOULOU&CO *:. – Necklace :: LING LING :: Black
HAIR:  Magika – Mint
SKIN:  Pink Fuel – Harley
EYES:  Nerd Monkey – Light blue
EXTRAS:  SLINK – Hands & Feet

All You Want Is Our Candy


All You Want Is Our CandyFor tonight’s post Beedazzle, my sissy, and Niadoodle joined in with me. We got a new pose from Focus Poses that turned out really cool. I didnt even have to lift myself up or down all that much like I usually do!  So we all poofed over to Bitacora and right away my sissy sits on the fountain by accident while I start playing with the merry go round thingy that was there. Then noticing the cotton candy machine we knew that we just had to get a picture in front of it.  This sim looks really cool and there are a lot more little awesome areas throughout that are simply picture perfect.  However the dinging bells that kept going off in this area for the 45mins it took for me to get my shadows to be nice to me got just a little bit O.o!  Also I finally got slink hands and after a frustrating newb moment of not wearing the enhanced version to do the appliers they came out perfect!

From left to right….

What BeeDazzle is wearing:

SHOES:  *GA* Shoes Chloe Sandals
FEET:  *GA* Flat Bare Feet
OUTFIT:  Twisted and Spoiled –  Cheeky Dress & Leggings
LIPS: –Belleza– Shy/Betty Med lips 6
LASHES:  DAMNED – Eyelashes
HAIR:  >TRUTH< Odette – coffee
SKIN:  -Belleza- Jade Skin
EYES:  IKON Ascension Eyes – Ghost
NAILS:  *Sexy Mamas* Manicure 2-Sculpted Prim Nails

What Zari is wearing:

SKIN: Belleza Ava Tan BBB 2
HAIR: Truth Chynna Raven
EYES: IKON Destiny Maya
NAILS: Sexy Mamas Glitter Manicure
FEET: GOS Barefoot Flat
TATTOO: Para Designs Wild Flower
SHOES: GOS Flip Flops Paint
RIGHT BRACELET: League Wanderer
NECKLACE: Earthstones Butterfly Whisper
DRESS: ColdLogic Lively Blue

What I am wearing:

LEGGINGS:  *League* Merino Leggings -Long -Taupe (pl)
TATS:  [U] Tranquility *Light* by iNFLiCT  *No longer Available 😦
MAKEUP:  Kyoot Makeup – Cateye (Catty)
ROMPER:  Color.Me.H.O.F Mesh [Silk Romper[Taupe]_S
LASHES:  *REDGRAVE* Eyelashes -39- Luscious
BOOTS:  Maitreya Radical Boots * Suede Coal S
NECKLACE 2:  MG – Necklace – Wonderland Elixir – Drink Me – SILVER
LEFT BRACELET:  miel – CHUM bracelet
HANDS:  Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual
HAIR:  TRUTH HAIR Candy – Black&Whites06
SKIN:  -Belleza- Kate Med Frost
EYES:  .:Hermony:. – MP Eyes – Olive

What Niadoodle is wearing:

OUTFIT: Mutresse Lili Sheer Blouse with Skirt
HAIR:  Truth Juliette-cherry
SHOES:  Leverocci-suede curved wedges
SKIN:  Pink Fuel – Harley – Fair
HAND JEWLERY: Blushed -red eye silver set
NECKLACE: Just You – black pearl necklace

POSE:  Focus Poses – Friends 40

Help You Carry on


Help you carry onThis picture with my sissy was taken at Sea Salts. It is a really neat sim so make sure to check it out when you get a chance. I had gotten my peacock friend from C88 a few days ago.  He is just super adorkable however my sissy doesn’t really like Peacocks soooo pooor Peppy.  I hardly ever do pictures with avvies sitting down but I feel this one worked out okay. I did use Strawberry Singh’s tips on moving your own avatar in order to position myself right for the picture next to my sissy.  It is super nifty and there is also a tip on moving other peoples avatars as well. These really have come in handy lately.

What I am wearing:

PEACOCK FRIEND: *MishMish* White Peacock – The Dazzle               @C88
HAIR:  /Wasabi Pills/ Sugar Rush Mesh Hair – Night shadow
PANTS:  DN Mesh: Sk.Jeans & Belt
SHOES:  [monso] My First Sneakers
HOODIE:  [R3] – Angel Hoodie 3 [V3] XS

What Nealy is wearing:

SKIN: LAQ Ebba 1 Nougat
HAIR: Truth Hair Tammy Mirage with Roots
EYES:  IKON Ascention Eyes Sahara
LASHES:  Redgrave 39 Luscious
TATTOO: Para Designs Cherry Blossom Black
NAILS:  Page 3 Rings and Nails
TOP:  Kyoot Idolatry Top Cream
SKIRT:  BND Ripped Jeans Mini Skirt
SHOES: Detour Mixflip Sneakers
LIP PIERCING:  kOwP Serene      No longer available
NECKLACE: Love, Peace and “N” Initial Necklace     No longer available
EARRINGS:  Earthstones Lia Crystal Earrings Citrine

Sometimes My Mind Plays Tricks On Me


Sometimes My Mind Plays Tricks On MeSo I finally did it, I bought EARS lols! They are pretty neat though I’m not totally convinced that I like them on my avvie yet.  They are alot better though then some of the jewelry I have especially for the more grungy look. Also much better then  the standard ears for sure. It is just hard to get used to something new sometimes. I remember when Mesh first came about I was like what is with this..its terrible I see all these gaps. Now not a day usually goes by that I am not wearing Mesh!

What I am wearing:

MAKEUP:  Kyoot Makeup – Cateye 1 (Fever 2)
TATS:  ::Para Designs:: Butterfly Medley Black Medium (v2 Layer)
HAIR:  >TRUTH< Zendaya – raven
LEFT BRACELET:  miel – CHUM bracelet
PANTS:  RONSEM* Work Pants -female- gray S
TOP:  [R3] Tina Off-Shoulder Crop [V1] – S